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The Foundation Beef Sires program offers significant advantages for the beef producer striving to increase efficiency and profit.

We offer the answer to your concerns about the rising costs of beef production in the commercial cattle industry.

All Foundation Beef Sires are selected as top producers in all phases of beef production. Through our proven performance data consisting of ultrasound results, birth weights and dressing percentages, our sires will improve your carcass quality.

Our Foundation Beef Sires program offers the following advantages for the commercial cattlemen:

• Reduced input costs
• Reduced calving difficulties
• Increased grass conversion & feed efficiency
• Increased quality scores
• Moderate frame size

Foundation Beef Sires designates high standards of performance through our "Certified" Foundation Beef Sires Bulls. They reflect our high standards of performance in multiple categories. Certified Foundation Beef Sires Bulls must meet the following minimum criteria with ultrasound results taken between the ages of 10-14 months old by a certified technician.

• REA 7.50 or higher
• IMF 3.50 or higher
• Ratio .40 or higher
• REA/CWT 1.1 or higher
• Tenderness 26 or lower

This ultrasound criteria reflects Foundation Beef Sires that have not been given creep feed, steroids, antibiotics or Ionophores.

By utilizing our strict criteria, a baseline can be established for optimal performance in your commercial herd. Once this base is created, we will work together to develop the optimal characteristics of your herd. Foundation Beef Sires established genetic traits are highly heritable. Using Foundation Beef Sires, genetic improvements in your herd base will improve your herd within a shorter period of time than other options.

As the cattle industry evolves into a more consumer friendly entity, consistent and uniform products become crucial. Valuable carcass traits and feed efficiency are becoming the main focus of the commercial cattleman.

Foundation Beef Sires is opening opportunities for Lowline seedstock producers to advertise in our upcoming 2013 catalog.

$500 for your own bull page in the catalog and bull page on this website.

Look for the Foundation Beef Sires flags in the yards at the NWSS in Denver Jan. 2013.

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For more information call:
Brian Walters 303-478-2275
David Shockey 406-600-7179

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